An Analysis of Kids Travel Activities

Posted by on Oct 29, 2017 in Destination Tips, Travel and Leisure | 0 comments

Unplugged kids travel activities are the perfect way to use travel time to reconnect as a family. Use the journey to foster learning, enhance imagination, stimulate creativity and work on find motor skills. Research shows that kids today need time away from the screen and travel time is an easy way to encourage new and exciting ways to play. These tips and tricks can show you how to create a travel activity kit that is sure to provide hours of fun.

Word and math games are a fun way to connect with your child and reinforce basic skills. Games like hangman, travel Yahtzee, Sudoku, Twenty-One, and cross word puzzles work well on the plane and give you an opportunity to connect with your children away from the distractions of home. Activity books give kids a chance to mix learning and creativity with a variety of mazes, jumbles and colouring pages. Remember to pack colors and pencils!

Simple craft items like Magic Scratch, lacing cards, wax sticks, stickers and color your own crafts encourage creativity in kids of all ages. Build story telling skills by having kids create scenes with the stickers and wax sticks and then telling a story about the pictures they create.

Ball catch toys and bead mazes build hand-eye coordination as kids learn to master the new trick. Use this time to bond with your kids by learning the skill yourself. Take turns and hold contests to see who can master it quickest. In a confined environment such as a plane or car, these are fun and quiet ways to burn energy.

Stimulate the imagination with small animals, finger puppets, bendi figures, cars or dolls. You can play along or encourage your child to create a game on their own. Not a skilled “let’s pretend person” or simply hate the thought of it? Be involved by making houses, habitats or obstacle courses for the game.Use a mixture of all of these to create the perfect activity kit that stimulates all areas of your kid’s mind to keep them quietly entertained. Unplug on your next vacation and use the time to reconnect as a family and build playing skills away from the screen using kids travel activities.